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Buy Gmail Accounts

Gmail is an email service provided by the tech giant Google. Nowadays, almost everyone has an email account. And among all the email service providers, Gmail is the most reliable.

Why you should have a Gmail account?

Not only reliable, but Gmail also offers you a lot of other facilities that no other email service provider will give you. People like and use Gmail most for 3 main reasons-

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Facilities

How can I create my Gmail account?

To create a Gmail account, you must go to the website of Gmail at first. Then you have to click on the ‘create new account option. After that, you will have to fill up the required boxes with the following information-

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Preference for the Gmail ID to be
  • Password
  • Confirm your password

Do not share your password with anyone. You alone should know the password, if anyone else gets to know it, they might enter Gmail and have all your data accessed.

After that, you should add a recovery mail and a phone number to your ID. This will make your ID safer and help you to access your account even if you forget your password.

Buy Gmail Accounts

Phone Verification

Phone verification is an important option for every Gmail user. You should verify your phone after you create your account. To verify your phone with Gmail, add your mobile number at first, and then click on the verify option.

After that they will send a code to your phone number, you have to enter the code into the box, and there you go, you have verified your phone number for your Gmail account.

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How do I log in to my email account?

To read the emails or to send any new mail, you have to log in to your Gmail accounts. To do that, at first, you have to visit the website of Gmail. Then click on the sign-in option.

After that, type your mail ID and then type the password that you chose and typed it when you created the account and press the ‘next’ button.

How to change your Gmail password?

To change your Gmail password, you have to sign in to your Google account and then go to security. After that, clock on the password. Then type your old password first. Then your new password. And then select the change password option. That is how you can change your Gmail password.


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