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Buy N26 Account for Mobile payments:

Number26 is a current, modern account, which can be easily controlled using your Smartphone and a desktop computer. The N26 app can scan the users’ contacts on their smartphones and identify other Verified N26 account holders. The account holders can modify their daily limits for cash withdrawals and card payments through the mobile app. They don’t need to contact the N26 support team when they want to lock or unlock their MasterCard without having to. They can also enable and disable it for usage abroad or online usage. Your chances in the Control Center are especially amusing because you can monitor the features of your MasterCard from somewhere in the world with an internet connection and Smartphone. You can buy an N26 Account from our store, and you will get a verified account immediately.

Buy Verified N26 Account for Withdrawals:

Withdrawing cash from a Verified N26 Account is totally free of charge worldwide at any ATM that receives MasterCard (without exchange fees), enabling you to use Number26 in different variations for the transfer of funds across national borders. For instance, a group of traveler specialists can utilize the Visa in the nation of origin to pull out a piece of the compensation at the ATM.

Buy Verified N26 Account for Transfers:

The N26 app can scan the users’ contacts on their smartphones and identify other N26 account holders. Using a service called “Money beam” is the most popular feature to N26 customers because Its transfers are executed instantaneously. For this, you do not even have to know the account number–which is nowadays the complicated and long IBAN. For this reason, the banking app of Number26 accesses your internal phone book on the Smartphone and transfers them.

What is an N26 Account?

N26 Account (known as Number 26 until July 2016) is a type of direct bank account that operates exclusively online without traditional physical branch networks.

Valentin Stalf established the company as a monetary techniques inauguration in 2013, and Maximilian Tayenthal. N26 received its name from the 26-sided Rubik’s Cube. In April 2015, N26 accepted €10 million in a sequence  A round by Valar Ventures. Peter Thiel co-established Valar Ventures, PayPal’s co-founder. Now, It’s headquartered in Berlin, Germany. N26 currently manages various member states of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and the United States.

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Buy Verified N26 Account

About N26 Account

A Verified N26 Account does not commit a creditworthiness check because it is an account on a credit base. Many people are clients of banks that had their ultimate extensive evolution at the introduction of online banking more than 15 years ago and did not perfectly alter it. However, one may overlook that everyone can’t become a purchaser at such an excellent direct bank, as there is continuously a precise creditworthiness check. N26 provides a free initial current account and a Debit Master Card to all its clients, as well as a Maestro card for their customers in particular markets. Additionally, customers can request overdraft and investment products. N26 also offers premium accounts (N26 You and N26 Metal), which offer redundant features for a monthly fee.


N26 Account is available in 22 European countries, plus the United States. It is quite capable of payments in the SEPA area, including standing orders and electronic bank announcements. It can be utilized as a salary account, but this is not a provision for not paying costs. Only for Customer satisfaction, Some portions of the website and customer service are provided in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish irrespective of the customer’s residency.

Because of Brexit, N26 stopped its business in April 2020 in the UK, and all bank accounts are stopped. In Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands, customers can additionally request a Maestro Card. If you live in Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands and have received a transfer of at least €100 from one of these three countries, you can directly order a Maestro Card Through the application.

N26 Account Overview

It provides a free initial current account and a Debit card, with available overdraft and investment products and premium accounts for a monthly fee. But, if you enjoy all of your accounts features in your wallet, then you have to Buy Verified N26 Account. So, if you want to Buy a Cheap N26 Account, here we are with Best N26 Account for sale to you. Let’s have a look insight into the features that we are offering for you:

Get Statistics to track your spending, plus up to 10 Spaces subaccounts, including Shared Spaces to save together with others. You’ll also get free ATM withdrawals, free payments worldwide, and access to exclusive partner offers.

Buy Cheap N26 Accounts as a travel credit card, travel funds

Since pulling out money is for nothing out of pocket worldwide, Number26 is the ideal record card mix for these special seasons or voyaging. You can set aside cash for the “most lovely days of the year” (for example, by standing request) and spend it then abroad.
To stay gratis, you are not compelled to pull out money in the unfamiliar cash country first, similarly to the DKB, because Number26 doesn’t charge the worldwide assistance expense while paying with the Mastercard abroad!

Use Verified N26 Accounts as a credit card

Although the MasterCard is connected to an account on a credit base, it is embossed. Usually, one can recognize prepaid cards because the card is entirely flat. The Account and credit card can’t be overdrawn. You can utilize the card with the limit being your balance, just like a real credit card within Germany and outdoors, and for purchases on the Internet. The dealings are immediately debited from the current Account.

Buy a Cheap N26 Account with more Securities

Desired PIN settings are particularly effective for those who would like to have a nice amalgamation of numerical: you can choose your PIN at account opening. For security reasons, a PIN integrated of the private date of birth is made improbable; however, almost all other beloved of all amalgamation are. You will find it simple to remember the secret number having the option of the desired PIN, as this is an interrogation for every card payment or withdrawal at the ATM.

Two-factor verification is a more effective way to keep your N26 Account more secured. The point when you sign in to your N26 Account from the web application or a non-combined gadget, you’ll be asked to push a message pop-up on your paired device or, if you are unable to do that, you can send an SMS code to be shipped off your registered number so that you can log in to your Account. This guarantees that no one but you can sign in to your N26 Account. When you sign in to your N26 Account from your own, Two-Factor Confirmation is, as of now, moving. This implies the way toward signing into your N26 Account from your combined gadget remains the equivalent.

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Therefore, no need to be worried as you have the scope to make unique settings. This means for you that you can get at ease an excellent overview of your financial life and optimize it on that base. So, it may be a perfect opportunity to buy a Verified N26 Account from us for a safe transaction.

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